09/12/05 News Update!
THE WORKS to have 3 screening at the upcoming 2005 Temecula Film Festival:

9pm, Thurs, 9/15
12noon, Fri, 9/16
7pm, Sun, 9/18

All screenings will take place @ Theater Venue:  The Movie Experience @ Tower Plaza
27531 Ynez Road, Temecula, California.

For more information go to: www.tviff.com

NEW! 08/18/05
THE WORKS industry screening- 08/30/2005 @ The Ince Theater, Culver City Studios.
Will be held on 7:30 pm, See main page for link and details...

NEW! 08/17/05
Hi, we haven't updated in a while so, here goes:
THE WORKS, has been accepted to the 11th Annual Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival
set for Sept. 14-22, 2005. Screening dates will follow soon,
more details can be found on TVIFF's website: www.tviff.com

NEW! 08/17/05
We put together a short Video of our stay @ the 2005 Jacksonville Film Festival over in Florida.
Good times, great people, check it out:

Stay tuned for Jacksonville, Florida. The Festival will take place between the 19-22 of May.
The Works is scheduled to screen on the Friday the 20th @ 5:00PM.
Check more details about the festival and the screening on the Festival's site!

Here are some pictures from the Newport Beach Film Festival. A short Video of the Q&A is soon to follow...

Retuning from Dallas, Texas. Took some pictures and edited a short Video Document of my
24 hour stay there. Check it out. The USA Film Festival offered great hospitality,
very nice staff & organizers that were extremely kind people as well.
Oh, yeah, they seem to like the movie too!

04/19/05 - Cinequest Survey
In the spirit of finding out what real people REALLY think about THE WORKS,
both good and bad! here is a document from the 3 screenings it had @
2005 Cinequest - San Jose.

04/22/05 - 04/29/05 USA Film Festival
THE WORKS invited to screen in the 2005 USA Film Festival in Dallas!!
Check the website for screening times: http://www.usafilmfestival.com

03/15/05 - 2005 Jacksonville Film Festival
THE WORKS official selection at the 2005 Jacksonville Film Festival in Florida

02/24/05 - 2005 Newport Beach Film Festival
Monday, April 25th 3:30PM @ Edwards Island Cinemas

03/13/05 - News from Cinequest 15 Film Festival
THE WORKS and us are returning from 3 very successful screenings at the 2005 Cinequest Film Festival.
The crowd responded warmly both in attendance and response to the film.

02/ 06/05 - We just returned from the “World Premiere” of THE WORKS.
With three very successful screenings of at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

02/01/05 - 1st screening at the Victoria theater:
With cast members: Armin Shimerman, Kitty Swink and Andrew Kesler arriving to show their support,
along with Director of Photography Paul Mayne, Editor/ Producer Robi Michael
and Co writer/Director Gal Katzir. it was an exciting World Premiere.

02/04/05 -2nd @ the Brooks Institute
This was an extra screening at the highly respected photography school.
THE WORKS was chosen to represent the American Independent category of SBIFF.

02/03/05 - 3nd at the Metro.
Screening to a nearly sold-out house. With Cast members: Joe Anthony, Corey Allen, Kim Stodel,
& Jerrette Galante attending as well as Co-writer/co-producer Kit Bateman
& Special Effects Supervisor Thomas Marinello.

All screenings where followed by in depth and involving Q&A sessions where we where delighted
to talk about the movie and off course – ourselves. The most important, exciting,
and fulfilling thing was how people had responded to the film and moved by it.

For some pictures of Kit Robi and GaL at SBIFF you can check this link:

02/09/05- THE WORKS has 3 screenings at the upcoming San Jose Film Festival – CINEQUEST.

The dates and times are as followed:
03/08/05 @ SJS University Theater - 07:15 PM
03/09/05 @ SJS University Theater- 09:15 PM
03/11/05 @ Camera 12 - 11:59 PM (midnight show!!!)

Come check it out if you can!! Go to the Cinequest website for write-ups and tickets.